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Sacramento Northern Car


San Jose Car

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LRP #302--#304

Custom Painted Birney Cars

Light Rail Products is pleased to bring to the public the following, limited production runs of custom detailed and painted Birney Safety cars. These cars were obtained as kits from Hartland Locomotive Works and painted and assembled by Custom Traxx, a Southern California firm that specializes in traction decals, parts, detailing and painting. Cars are test run after final assembly.


These cars all feature Light Rail Products working Crouse-Hinds headlights and rear marker lights that switch from end to end when the car reverses direction, Ohio Brass trolley catchers, and trolley pole stands complete with sprung trolley bases. Each car currently offered,  has two trolley poles with working trolley wheels. The cars come in a small variety of paint schemes, representing Birney cars some of which exist in Electric Railway Museums. The cars can be delivered in the Sacramento Northern dark green scheme; San Jose Railways, and Fresno Railway in the standard mustard yellow of the later years.


Cars for sale are:

LRP #302    Sacramento Northern $550.00

LRP #303    San Jose $550.00

LRP #304    Fresno $550.00

Fresno Car

(and details below)

Not actual size of item. Reduced for viewing.

Actual size is 1:24 Scale to fit G scale models.

Item color may vary from monitor color.