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Hedley Anticlimber

Used on most streetcars for emergency towing.


St. Louis Coupler

Some streetcars came equipped with tow equipment. Sometimes used to haul small trailers.


Eclipse Fender

These fenders were common to many streetcars, and were used to save pedestrians while having close encounters with moving vehicles.


Trolley Base & Harp w/Wheel

All streetcars had some form of trolley pole and base on them. This is a common US-13-e four spring type base.


Trolley Hook

A simple two legged trolley hook.


Ohio Brass Trolley Catcher

Typical “catcher” for the trolley rope and pole.


Crouse-Hinds Streetcar Headlight

Typical streetcar headlight from the 1920’s.


K-28 J “K” Style Controller

Motormans (or operators) controller.


Brill 27 G Trucks

Brill truck kit for your double truck streetcar.


Railroad Roof Modification

End roof section for Bachmann Car.


Interurban Front

Resin casting to fit with Roof Modification LRP #010 and Bachmann Car.


ALCO Interurban Truck

Truck for Steeple Cab LRP 300 and fits other older equipment.


Truck Bolsters

Various gauges. Bolsters for modifying truck kits.




Streetcar Switches

Tongue and Mate castings for street railways.


Brass Track Gauge

Brass fixture for hand laying track.


Duck Bill Roof Modification

Resin casting to fit Bachmann Car.


Oval Window

Resin casting to fit Bachmann Car.


Snow Sweeper Pedestal Kit

Brass castings for snow sweeper car.


Westinghouse “DH” Style Trolley

Air Compressor Kit

White Metal Air Compressor Kit.


Stirrup Steps

Two widths of Stirrup Steps.


Winner Cane Seat

Typical rattan streetcar, interior seat.


US 23 Trolley Base Kit

All streetcars had some form of trolley pole and base on them. This is a common US-23 two spring type base.


Westinghouse 12'' Air Brake Cylinder Kit

Most streetcars had some form of air brake cylinder.


Interurban Headlight Kit

Typical portable type headlight.


Machined Trolley Wheels & Harp

Brass trolley wheel with cast harp.


Pole Caps

Four different styles of steel overhead line poles.


Bachmann Closed Car

Conversion Kit

Resin kit for your motorman’s protection.


Air Tanks

Resin kit, 2 large tanks and one small.



Trolley Overhead Contact Wire


LED “Golden Glow”

Convert your present headlight to this “Golden Glow” version.


Automatic Trolley Reversing Unit

Makes your trolley return to you after a brief stop at the end terminal. Easy to install and operate.


NWSL Super Magic Carpet Units

Various gauges. Motored axle for
ALCO or Brill trucks.


Electric Wipers

Spare electric wipers for ALCO or Brill trucks.


Overhead Line Parts


Left & Right Hand Trolley Frogs





Steeple Cab Locomotive


Hartland Birney Car

Complete car, now available!


Custom Painted Birney Cars

While supply lasts.





San Pedro Destination Sign


Sacramento Northern Birney Car

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