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photo: Municipal Railway of San Francisco

LRP #003

Eclipse Fender Kit

Brass Kit: Containing all castings, rods, and etched webbing to make a complete eclipse fender. These fenders were common to many streetcars, and were used to save pedestrians while having close encounters with moving vehicles. There were many different types of lifeguards. This one was made famous by it’s inventor having a movie reel taken of him being “hit” by a trolley with an eclipse fender. The fender has a fire hose (brass tube on the model) so,when someone is struck, there is some cushioning for his or her ankle. Most cities or states still require some sort of devise for the protection of its citizens. This one is carefully folded up when not in use, or to conserve car barn space.


$49.99 each or Car Set (2) $79.99

Not actual size of item. Enlarged for viewing.

Actual size is 1:24 Scale to fit G scale models.

Item color may vary from monitor color.