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  photo: Montreal and Southern Counties Interurban at the Seashore Trolley Museum, Kennebunkport, Maine


Not actual size of item. Reduced for viewing.

Actual size is 1:24 Scale to fit G scale models.

Item color may vary from monitor color.

LRP #011

Interurban Front Kit

This is the matching kit to be used with LRP #010, the Roof Modification. This Resin front also comes with a matching floor section, plus one each, door and blank side with window. (Kit parts shown below left.) These parts have been made to further modify a Bachmann passenger, combine or baggage car into an Interurban or small city streetcar.


$115.00 per pair / car set

As an option, additional Blank Sides and Doors can be purchased separately.


LRP #011c

Blank Side with Window ..... $12.50 each

(See at left.)


LRP #011d

Door ..... $12.50 each

(See at left.)


LRP #011 Plus

All LRP #011 parts and includes LRP #010 Roof Modification, (see at left).

$140.00 per pair / car set