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photo: #50 Fitchburg & Leominster St. MA

Not actual size of item. Enlarged for viewing.

Actual size is 1:24 Scale to fit G scale models.

Item color may vary from monitor color.

LRP #002

St. Louis Coupler Kit

Brass Kit: Contains castings for one complete coupler. Comes with small tow pin and anchor plate for car body. Some streetcars came equipped with towing equipment. This towing equipment was used for emergency breakdowns to push or tow disabled cars that had the same common coupling devise. Some companies hauled trailers, perhaps old horse cars or small baggage cars behind the regularly scheduled run or trip. This was a more modern piece of equipment than the anticlimber listed above, as it was more readily available to the operating crews. These towing devices allowed for radial coupler operation needed for moving cars around tight street railway curves. This was commonly used on electric cars that had a slightly rounded front. (A coupler carrier bar is not included in kit.)


$9.00 each or Car Set (2) $16.00