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photo: Atlantic Shore Railway

Steeple Cab Kit assembled with
additional LRP parts #012, #004 and #008

Not actual size of item. Enlarged for viewing.

Actual size is 1:24 Scale to fit G scale models.

Kit comes unpainted.


LRP #300

Steeple Cab Locomotive Kit

Resin Kit: This Steeple Cab Kit is based on an old Atlantic Shore Line Railway locomotive which still exists at the Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport, Maine. Otherwise known as “House on a Raft”, (according to sources) this is one of two remaining wooden steeple cabs in existence in the US. (The other is in Snoqualmie, WA). This is a relatively simple kit to assemble, with detailed instructions included.


Light Rail Products is pleased to announce the production of model LRP #300, Atlantic Shore Line Steeple Cab Locomotive. This car body kit is now available for sale and delivery.


The following items are available to add to the Steeple Cab Kit:

LRP #012 - the ALCO Truck

LRP #004 - Trolley Base + Harp w/Wheel

LRP #006 - Trolley Catcher

LRP #008 - K-28 Controller

LRP #021 - Stirrup Step

LRP #025 - Interurban Headlight


Other details are planned for this kit. Please check back for developments in the future.


$150.00 Car Body Kit only