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Photo: Los Angeles Railway car in Los Angeles, CA

Not actual size of item. Enlarged for viewing.

Actual size is 1:24 Scale to fit G scale models.

Item color may vary from monitor color.

LRP #006

Ohio Brass Trolley Catcher Kit

White Metal Kit: This is a white metal casting of a typical later style Ohio Brass Company (or O.B.) trolley catcher. The main function of the catcher is to stop the pole from raising up, should it de-wire, by “catching” the rope as it quickly comes off the inner spool. Inertia would throw a “dog” or eccentric outward, stopping the motion of the pole advancing upward. As the pole hit a span wire or any other obstruction, the rope would become slack, the reel or spool would coil the rope back up on the spool, and when the pole tried to raise again, the “dogs” would spin out and stop the upwards motion.


The model comes with a separate backing plate. The model does not function as per the description listed above. Interestingly enough, you can still buy this catcher today (the real thing!) from a company in Massachusetts. (Price slightly higher than the model cost).


$12.00 per two