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These are model projects that are in process. Some for a while, others are just waiting for the right time to get going. There is nothing wrong with having a few projects going along at once, you might find yourself duplicating efforts, and find this will make the projects advance quicker. Sometimes, it’s good to step back and let it sit as you ponder what you want it to look like. And then pick it up again, and away you go.


These projects will be updated on a somewhat regular basis, and additions or subtractions will be made as projects move along, or they don’t. Some items are waiting for new products to be developed, and then the project will advance to a new phase.


We invite you to send examples of your model projects. Send us non-returnable photos and brief descriptions of your uses of Light Rail Products and we’ll try to showcase them. (We can only use photos which are: close-ups, well lit, in focus and have a plain or blank background.)


Happy Modeling!


New!  Birney Car Upgrade  New!  See Birney Car photos.


New!  Railway Flat Car  New!  See flat car photos.


Diesel Locomotive Conversion  New!

to electric, custom made by N. Grant many years ago.


Springfield Terminal Car #10

Bachmann steam railroad combine kit bashed into New England Interurban car.


Boston Elevated, 8 Window, Closed Car

Two Bachmann closed streetcars spliced together.


Boston Elevated, 12 Bench, Open Car

Two Bachmann open streetcars spliced together.


Overhead Line Repair Car

Hartland work car being modified into an overhead line car.


Sparky Locomotive

Hartland Locomotive Kit-Bash



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